Certificate of good standing pa

Certificate of good standing pa

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Have you ever been asked to provide a “Certificate of Good Standing” for your company? If asked, you should always be able to produce this state-issued paper. However, doing so necessitates maintaining compliance with state filings and other standards.
Following the formation of a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or other organization, the entity must retain “good standing” in state records. Maintaining the entity’s “good reputation” at all times aids in –
To authorize financing, lenders can require a Certificate of Good Standing. Maintaining good standing on a regular basis helps you prevent delays (and, ahem, embarrassment) caused by having to update your status with a state agency in the middle of a contract or loan.
In most cases, a Certificate of Good Standing clearly states that the agency has submitted all necessary reports and fees to the Secretary of State. It serves as evidence that the company exists and is allowed to do business in the state.

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A fake company calling itself “PA Certificate Service” is targeting newly registered Pennsylvania businesses with 2020 Certificate of Good Standing Request Forms, according to Rothman Gordon. (An example can be found in the attachment.) The form states that the company has “one step left” to complete its creation and that it must “acquire [its] elective Certificate of Good Standing” via “PA Certificate Service,” which requires a payment of $87.25 to the company. Companies are told that the certificate may be required for loans, business license renewal, fee, or other business purposes.
This is just a portion of a SCAM. There is no company called “PA Certificate Services” that is licensed to do business in Pennsylvania. This company’s mailing address is a UPS store in Harrisburg, and the phone number on the mailing (1-855-211-9705) is for a call center outside of Pennsylvania.
Any of the details in the mailing is inaccurate or overbroad. “Certificates of Good Standing” are not provided by the Pennsylvania Department of State. Instead, Pennsylvania law requires domestic filing associations to receive “Subsistence Certificates” and registered international associations to receive “Certificates of Registration.” The cost of such certificates obtained directly from the Department of State is $40, and they are normally delivered by email within two hours of placing an order online.

How to get a certificate of good standing?

A Certificate of Subsistence is a certificate of good standing in the state of Pennsylvania. You have the option of ordering by fax, mail, in person, or online, but we suggest ordering online. The cost of online processing is $40, and it is done immediately. Normal delivery costs $40 and takes up to 2 days, with extra time for mailing. For an additional $70, expedited service is available, which should take less than 1 day, plus additional time for shipping.
To sign up, check for, and print a certificate, go to their website and follow the instructions. You will be able to automatically authenticate, display, and print the certificate. You’ll want to bring your credit card with you.
Requests sent by mail will be expedited only if the extra charge is charged and expedited service is required. You’ll need to include the company name, payment details, return address information, a detailed request, and a daytime phone number in case there are any queries.
For fax orders, a prepaid account with this office is needed. Only faxed requests for expedited service will be processed. On a standard fax cover sheet, include the company name, unique request, and a daytime phone number in case there are any queries.

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I, SECRETARY OF STATE NAME, Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, hereby certify the COMPANY NAME is a Pennsylvania corporation licensed to do business in Pennsylvania as of FORMATION DATE. I also attest that all payments and documentation issued by the Secretary of State’s office have been obtained and that this office is in good standing.
PLEASE NOTE: A Certificate of Subsistence is what a Good Standing Certificate is called in Pennsylvania. When the requesting party, usually the Secretary of State of another state other than Pennsylvania, demands a “Good Standing Certificate,” this can be confusing. In these circumstances, a Pennsylvania Certificate of Subsistence would suffice to meet the criteria for a Pennsylvania Good Standing Certificate (excludes weekends and holidays). The priority price includes a scanned and emailed copy of the Pennsylvania Good Standing Certificate, as well as USPS First Class shipping.

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