Certificate of good standing new york

Certificate of good standing new york

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Fax requests for Certificates of Status will be accepted by the Division of Corporations. Fees for faxed written requests must be paid with a credit or debit card. Simply complete and sign the Credit Card/Debit Card Authorization Form (43.9 KB PDF Form, 1 page) and submit it to the Division of Corporations with your written request to pay a fee by credit card or debit card. Certificates of Status can be requested in writing and faxed to (518) 473-1654.
Because of the enormous volume of submissions and requests the Division receives each day, it is impossible for Division staff to confirm receipt of individual customer submissions. After sending a certificate or request by fax, do not call the Division for confirmation of receipt. If you have not received correspondence from our office within a reasonable amount of time, please contact the Division at (518) 473-2492 for further instructions.
Please keep in mind that a Certificate of Status will be mailed to you in first-class mail. These papers are not faxed to you. If you include a prepaid shipping label with your request, you can have your certificate returned to you by overnight delivery service. Prepaid shipping labels with the Department of State listed as the sender will not be accepted by the Department of State. You must be identified as the sender and receiver on the prepaid shipping label.

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Before allowing a company to do business as a “foreign entity” in a state, most states require a certificate of good standing (or its equivalent) (process called foreign qualification). Companies that want to expand internationally may need to receive a certificate of good standing and then certify it for use in other countries (either with Apostille or Embassy Certification).
The New York State Department of State may issue a Certificate Under Seal to any company registered in the state, as long as it is in good standing. Processing time is usually two to three weeks plus mailing time, but with an extra state expedited fee, the wait time can be reduced to only one business day.
We will assist you in obtaining a Certificate Under Seal from the New York State Department of State for your company. If your company is found to be in bad standing, we will investigate the reasons for this and propose solutions to restore it to good standing, and we will inform you of the findings of our investigation.

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Certificates under Seal are the name given to Certificates of Good Standing for organizations registered with the Department of State in New York. Other jurisdictions refer to this document as a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificate of Existence. The information on the New York Certificate under Seal is the same as that on other states’ good standing certificates.
If you’re engaged in a merger or acquisition, or if you’re buying or selling a company outright, you may need a Certificate of Good Standing. The Good Standing certificate may be required by some industries in order to obtain proper licensing or permits.
A corporation or LLC formed in New York may operate in other states if it meets the criteria to be classified as a “Foreign Corporation” in the state where it is not incorporated. When applying for the Authority to do business outside of its home state, the entity may be required to submit a Standing Certificate (also known as a “Certificate of Existence”). State requirements differ, but the majority of states require a Good Standing Certificate from the home state.

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When a corporation or limited liability company is engaged in a transaction, the opinion letter typically makes a representation as to the company’s “existence” or “good standing,” which is why most due diligence checklists require a Good Standing Certificate from the company’s home state and any other states where it is registered to do business. Those who sign the opinion letter and provide the necessary documentation must keep in mind that not all Good Standing Certificates are created equal.
A Certificate of Good Standing in Long Form confirms the company’s status and lists all documents on file. If certified copies of those documents are required, they must be requested in conjunction with the certificate. A standard Certificate of Good Standing (also known as a “short form”) represents a company’s existence and status but does not list the papers that have been filed. Several states do not issue ‘Good Standing Certificates,’ which attest to the company’s status, instead issuing certificates that certify that the company exists in the state’s records (i.e. Existence or Subsistence Certificates or a Certificate of Fact). It is critical to read the certificate you receive in order to fully comprehend what the state is certifying.

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