Certificate of good standing georgia

Certificate of good standing georgia

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I, SECRETARY OF STATE NAME, Secretary of State of Georgia, hereby certify that COMPANY NAME is a Georgia company registered to do business in Georgia as of FORMATION DATE. I also attest that all fees and documents requested by the Secretary of State’s office have been submitted and that this office is in good standing.
PLEASE NOTE: In Georgia, a Certificate of Good Standing is referred to as a Certificate of Existence. When the requesting party, usually the Secretary of State of another state other than Georgia, requests a “Good Standing Certificate,” this can be confusing. In these cases, a Georgia Certificate of Existence will suffice to meet the criteria for a Georgia Good Standing Certificate (excludes weekends and holidays). The priority price covers a scanned and emailed copy of the Georgia Good Standing Certificate, as well as USPS First Class shipping.

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A foreign corporation (also known as an out-of-state corporation) is one that was created in a state other than Georgia. You must first register your company with the Georgia Secretary of State in order to extend your business into Georgia.
Any corporation founded in a state other than Georgia is known as an out-of-state corporation, also known as a “Foreign Corporation.” For example, if your business was founded in Alabama but you want to expand into Georgia, you’ll need to register your company with the Georgia Secretary of State.
Acquiring a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificate of Existence from the state where your corporation was originally incorporated is the first step in obtaining a Certificate of Authority for Foreign Corporation. You can usually find this information on the Secretary of State’s website in that state.
You have 90 days to file an Application for Certificate of Authority for Foreign Corporation with the Georgia Secretary of State if you have the Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Existence. This can either be done online or by mailing the application to the office. A filing fee of $225 is required for both methods. The Georgia Secretary of State’s website has a PDF of the application.

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Any domestic or international profit and nonprofit organization, limited liability company that was duly established or registered within the State of Georgia and is in good standing will be awarded a Certificate of Existence upon application to the Georgia Secretary of State.
Orders for same-day delivery must be obtained by 1 p.m. EST. The original certificate will be emailed to you as a printable Adobe PDF the next business day, and the printed copy will be mailed to you in 3-5 business days. (Orders received on weekends, holidays, or when the Secretary of State’s offices are closed are considered received the next business day.)

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Regular admission attorneys must now apply for admission and upload the appropriate petition through the PACER website.

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After registering to file electronically via PACER, attorneys seeking PHV admission will upload the petition and certificate of good standing into the case.
Attorneys who have been admitted to this court should request a Certificate of Good Standing or a Duplicate Admission Certificate and pay for it online using CM/ECF. The link is under Court Fees – Certificate of Good Standing/Duplicate Admission Certificate on the Civil menu.
By completing a Petition for Admission to Plead and Practice, you can be admitted to this district if you are a member of the State Bar of Georgia. The admission fee is $213.00. After your petition is processed, you will receive a Certificate of Admission in the mail. Petitions to the court should not be mailed or emailed.
Select Manage My Account at the top of the page > Log in > Select the Maintenance tab > Click the Attorney Admissions/E-file Registration link from the PACER homepage. Fill out the Attorney Admissions form and the Efile registration form. PACER will be used to upload the full petition during this process. Leave the sponsoring attorney section blank when filling out the attorney admissions information. Sponsoring lawyers are not required in this court.

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