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Certificate of fitness

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The Private Tenancies (NI) Order 2006 establishes a system of inspection and rent control to increase the standard of fitness of privately rented dwelling houses. The landlord must request a fitness inspection from the council. This is to ensure that privately rented properties are “fit for human habitation,” and that if they aren’t, they will be subject to rent control and, if necessary, enforcement action.
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive will be contacted, and we will write to the tenant to see if they have any objections to an inspection. If the tenant does not respond in writing, we must hold the application for 28 days before attempting to gain access to the property to conduct the inspection.
A Certificate of Fitness will be issued if the property is considered fit. If the property is found to be unfit, the landlord will be issued a Notice of Refusal outlining the type of work required to make it habitable. You can reapply for another inspection after the repairs are finished. A Notice of Unfitness will be issued on the property if these repairs are not completed in a reasonable amount of time.

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The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) issues Certificates of Fitness (COF) for a variety of hazardous occupations. Individual applicants are tested to ensure they understand how to use, store, and handle hazardous materials safely in the workplace. We provide study materials and other advice to applicants like you to ensure compliance and safety. A COF is required by the New York City Fire Code to: The COF may be for general or personal supervision of the material, operation, or facility. The majority of COFs are valid for three years. The Fire Code’s Section FC 113 (PDF) contains more information on COF. The following are the requirements for receiving a COF. Except for those who receive a fee waiver, all COFs that are due for renewal can be processed online.
All examinations must be scheduled in the afternoon for groups of ten (10) or more applicants. Applicants who do not schedule an appointment to take an exam will not be processed. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here.

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Before approving any job, please request a Certificate of Fitness from any fire protection firm. You can also call the Fire Prevention Division at (505) 955-3310 to inquire about the status of a fire protection company.
The fire protection company must go through an application process in order to achieve a Certificate of Fitness. The Fire Department verifies that the company has met the State of New Mexico’s minimum standards for the fire protection systems they install or service during this process.
For each system they install or service, the companies must receive a separate Certificate of Fitness (i.e.: fire alarms, sprinklers, hoods, and fire extinguishers). This Certificate of Fitness system ensures that the contractor follows the Fire Code and all other regulations.

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From horse trucks to motorhomes, we’re the experts in evaluating large family cars. In no time, we’ll have your car inspected and back on the road. Visit one of our 60+ commercial locations across the country.
Simply pull into the parking lot and follow the lane markings. Take your keys, park your car, and write down your license plate number. Arrive at reception and inform us of your arrival. When we’re busy, returning to your car to move it up the lane queue until you reach the lane entrance is extremely helpful.
You are welcome to come in for a coffee, tea, or water and a magazine while our Automotive Technicians assess your car. Children are also welcome. Alternatively, you can leave your car with us and return later. Simply inform our helpful staff at the front desk.
If it’s a minor issue, we can usually fix it right away. Most types of wipers, bulbs, and batteries can be replaced by our trained Automotive Technicians. They will also replace your headlights and refill your water, oil, clutch, and brake fluid.

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