Certificate of election to be exempt

Certificate of election to be exempt

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The intent of filing an exemption is for a corporation’s officer or a limited liability company’s member to be exempt from workers’ compensation rules. The officer or member who receives a Certificate of Election to be Exempt is no longer an employee and is not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.
To apply for or renew a workers’ compensation exemption, the exemption applicant must fill out and submit an online Notice of Election to be Exempt form to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.
Important: The exemption applicant must personally sign the application and certify that he or she has read, comprehended, and acknowledged the information provided. Furthermore, someone other than the applicant who signs the application may be charged with a third-degree felony.

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Certain officers are entitled to be excluded from workers’ compensation under the law (pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 440). See Fla.Stat. s. 440.02 for more information (15). These officials, however, are not eligible for workers compensation benefits if they are exempt. The exemption is needed to avoid having to pay a premium for these officers.
The above requirements for a corporation apply to an applicant for a statutory exemption for a limited liability company, with the exception that the applicant must be recognized as an officer.
While there is a statutory exemption for officers and owners, there is none for non-officers and non-owners. As a result, whether the construction company employs full-time or part-time non-officer employees, workers compensation coverage is required.
If a contractor sublets any part or parts of his contract work to a subcontractor or subcontractors, all of the contractor’s and the subcontractor’s or subcontractors’ employees engaged on the contract work are considered to be employed in the same business or establishment, and the contractor is responsible for and secures the payment of compensation to all such employees, e.g.

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The addition of data elements to determine deductible policies, professional employer organization (PEO) and client company relationships, state premium, and several new cancellation reasons, including “failure to submit payroll information,” are among the major changes in Release 3.0. The Commission’s website has a copy of the data element criteria, event tables, and edit matrix. For more information on the criteria for Proof of Coverage Release 3.0, please see NCCI’s Proof of Coverage Circular, POC-ID-2013-0, which is available on NCCI’s website at www.ncci.com.
Sole proprietors, partners, working members of a limited liability company, some corporate officers, and others may elect coverage through a statement in writing of the insurance company and the employer, even though they are exempt from the Workers’ Compensation Law’s insurance requirement.
The Industrial Commission collaborated with Davies Moore to create educational television and radio spots to help employers and employees understand the importance of following workers’ compensation laws. To see the spots, go to the following link:

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