Certificate of assumed business name indiana

Certificate of assumed business name indiana

How to file a dba in indiana – 2 steps to register a indiana

Business Name Assumed Persons (sole proprietors) and general partnerships doing business in Indiana under a name other than their legal name [DBA] must file an Assumed Business Name certificate with the County Recorder (IC 23-0.5-3-4). This form would set you back $25.00 to record.
If you receive mail with the words “DEED PROCESSING NOTICE,” please contact the Recorders office at 477-1142. A copy of your DEED is available for $1.00 per page at the Recorder’s office, and Deeds are normally one or two pages.
This processing notice is NOT being sent out by Hancock County. If you receive any correspondence regarding your property profile or deeds, please contact us so that we can help you. Upcoming Events: 23 March 2021; 23 March 2022; 23 March 2023; 23 March 2022

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Because a distinctive entity name is formed during the formation process, corporations and limited liability companies are unlikely to register a fictional name. Some people would file for a DBA if they have another company they want to run under their corporate/LLC umbrella to avoid having to form a separate entity.
Anyone can operate a company under the same name as you if you register a DBA. If you want to prevent others from using your business name, you can use a trademark to do so – learn how to use a trademark to protect your name.
An EIN, or Employer Identification Number, is a nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to some companies (IRS). Partnerships, companies, multi-member LLCs, and any other company with employees need an EIN.

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As a result, double-check all relevant local governing authorities for DBA filings in the states where you are doing business or will be doing business. Then double-check that your company or entity type meets all of the DBA filing requirements. In some states, sole proprietors and general partnerships file in different offices than corporations, limited liability companies, and other statutory entities. It’s also possible that the forms will vary. You will start using your DBA name after successfully completing the filing and receiving a fictitious name certificate.
Your company name is a precious asset that you can safeguard. Using a DBA name as part of your business plan can be beneficial. If that’s the case, filing the necessary paperwork to register the DBA name and making sure it doesn’t expire are critical steps to take. Now that you know the basics about DBA names and DBA filings, consult with your business advisor and compliance partner to ensure everything is done correctly. Now is the time to submit a DBA application online.

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If a company’s owners want to do business under a name other than the one they used to start the company, they must register the secondary name. The original name of a sole proprietorship or partnership is the name of the owner or partners.
The first thing you can do is check to see if the name you want to use is available. You won’t be able to register the name as your assumed name if another firm has already filed to use it. You can use this page to look up your name. Use the Check Name Availability Search rather than the Business Entity Name Search, as the former will return all names that are not available for use, while the latter will not.
The Indiana Secretary of State website has a Certificate of Assumed Business Name, also known as Form 30353, that DBA applicants should receive. This form must be completed and filed with the Secretary of State of Indiana, as well as the County Recorder in each county where a company is located. On the web, you can also find forms for reserving names for a shorter period of time, for foreign entities based in another state, and for renewals.

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