Certificate of amendment texas

Certificate of amendment texas

Filing articles of incorporation

Restated Certificate of Formation with New Amendments – Form for submitting a restated certificate of formation that will replace the previous certificate of formation and include additional text amendments. 09-13 (number of pages – 7) (Word, PDF)
Restated Certificate of Formation with No Further Amendments – Form for submitting a restated certificate of formation to replace a previously amended certificate of formation. 05-11 (number of pages – 6) (Word, PDF)
Amendment to Registration to Disclose a Change As a Result of a Conversion or Merger – Form used to amend a foreign filing entity’s registration in order to transfer the registration to a successor entity following a merger or conversion. 05-11 (number of pages – 4) (Word, PDF)
Restriction on the Transfer of Shares – Form for filing a statement about a bylaw or agreement that prohibits a for-profit company from transferring shares or other securities. 05-11 (number of pages – 4) (Word, PDF)

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Application for Registration of an Overseas Professional Limited Liability Company – Application for a foreign professional limited liability company to do business in Texas. 05-11 (number of pages – 8) (Word, PDF)
Limited Liability Partnership Application for Registration – An application to do business in Texas by a foreign limited liability partnership or a limited liability limited partnership. 05-11 (number of pages – 6) (Word, PDF)
Limited Liability Partnership Application for Registration Renewal – Form for renewing a limited liability partnership or limited liability limited partnership’s application to transact business in Texas. 05-11 (number of pages – 6) (Word, PDF)

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The BOC removes the need for precise voting information in a certificate of amendment or restated certificate of formation; however, the filing instrument must still state that the transaction was adopted and approved in accordance with the BOC title governing the entity and the entity’s governing documents.
A certificate of amendment form (SOS form 424), a form for filing a restated certificate of formation that makes further amendments to the certificate (SOS form 414), and a form for filing a restated certificate of formation that makes no further amendments (SOS form 415) have all been issued by the Secretary of State (SOS form 415). These forms are intended for use by a variety of entity types, but they are not required.
The restated certificate of formation must be attached as an exhibit to the relevant form. The name and address of each organizer may be omitted from the restated certificate of formation, but it must contain information about the governing authority. The names and addresses of the corporation’s directors must be included in the restated certificate of formation in the case of a company. However, instead of the initial board’s names and addresses, the current board’s names and addresses may be given.

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It’s time to clear the air. Also, preclearance of a name or the issuance of a certificate under a name does not grant permission to use the name in violation of another person’s name rights. Each shareholder of record entitled to vote receives a written or printed notice setting forth the proposed amendment no later than the 10th day and no earlier than the 60th day before the meeting date, either personally by electronic transmission or by mail BOC 21. The 90th day following the…
Hello, my name is Jaclyn, and I’m going to show you how to file a statement of change of address for your business entity with the Secretary of State’s office. If your business changes physical addresses, you must file a statement of change of address with the Secretary of State. It should be completed in a timely manner in order to keep information current and avoid any state fines. To begin, go to www.pevs.com, which is the website for the Texas Secretary of State’s office, and hover your mouse over it to get a drop down menu. About halfway down the page, you’ll see registered agents. If you pick registered agents, you’ll be taken to the main registered agents page on the right. find the little blue box inside the box that contains the points of interest choose from a variety of registered agent forms Please review the information below if you are unfamiliar with what a registered agent is, why it is important, and how to file a registered agent.

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