Certificate of amendment of articles of incorporation

Certificate of amendment of articles of incorporation

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Keeping up with developments in your company is a never-ending task. You may sometimes need to make significant changes and represent those changes in major corporate documents, such as your corporate bylaws or even the Articles of Incorporation.
Your corporation’s articles of incorporation are the papers you filed with the secretary of state in your state to register the company. These articles may include the following, depending on the standards of the state in which the corporation is registered:
There are only a few reasons to change the articles of incorporation because much of the information in them relates to the company’s founding. Articles of incorporation are primarily amended to make significant changes that the state needs to be aware of.
Corporations are governed by the laws of the state in which they are formed, and each state’s laws have different criteria for amending articles of incorporation. The filing of corporate amendments is also subject to a fee in each state. For example, in Florida, the filing fee is now $35.00.

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Changes to a corporation’s or LLC’s formation documents (Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation)—business name changes, ownership information alterations or additions, address changes, and more—must be filed with the secretary of state or state corporations division. A step-by-step guide to filing Articles of Amendment is provided below.
Some states allow amendments to be filed online, while others require original signed copies of documents to be delivered in person or by mail. The manner in which you file your amendments will have a significant impact on the time it takes to file them. It may take three weeks or longer to file amendments in states that require them to be filed on paper. Below are the quickest ways to file amendments.

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(a)Corporations may amend their certificates of incorporation in any and all respects at any time if the amendments are limited to changes that can legally be made in an original certificate of incorporation filed at the time of the amendment.
(11)To abolish, fix, or change the designation of approved classes of shares or any series thereof, as well as their limits, preferences, and relative rights, whether or not they have been issued. Provisions for all accrued or cumulative undeclared dividends, as well as the redemption or purchase of all shares, or a preemptive right to acquire shares or any other securities, are among the amendments.
(12)Any other provisions that are consistent with the provisions of this chapter or other statutes and relate to the corporation’s business activities, powers, rights, or affairs may be added, changed, or struck out. It also covers the powers, rights, and affairs of the corporation’s officers, directors, and shareholders, as well as provisions that are allowed or required to be included in the corporation’s bylaws as a result of this chapter.

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A name amendment must be filed with the state of incorporation when an incorporated company’s name changes. If the company has been granted permission to do business in other states (foreign qualified), the name must be changed in those states as well. The filing of a document known as the Articles of Amendment is necessary to formally change your company’s name with the state.
The new name must be distinguishable on state records, just like the original name, which means it cannot be significantly similar to a name already in use by another corporation incorporated or foreign qualified in that state. The state may reject the amendment if the name is not distinctive.
The official information the state has on record for your company is contained in your Articles of Incorporation/Organization or your Certificate of Authority (if you’ve registered to do business in other states). When that information changes, the state must be updated as well.

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