Certificate jackets

Certificate jackets

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Full-size Certificate Jackets, which come in a variety of colors, styles, and foil options, are a popular way to present recognition certificates. Certificate Jackets give any of our certificates a professional appearance.
MiniAward Jackets of the right size add the perfect finishing touch to your acknowledgment MiniAwards. MiniAward Jackets are a wonderful way to protect and present MiniAwards and are available with or without foil designs and borders.
With these Gift Certificate Jackets, you can give your custom gift certificates a stylish presentation. Add one of these whimsical Jackets to your gift certificates to boost the aesthetic value of the gift inside and make the recipient feel extra proud of his or her achievement.
With one-of-a-kind Certificate Jackets, you can take your recognition certificate presentation to the next level. Die-cut edges/covers, foil accents, and stand-up jackets that unfold into a stand for display purposes are all included in these special jackets. The overall presentation will make the recipients of these awards extremely proud.

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These acid-free fold-over certificate jackets are an appealing way to present achievement documents. The presentation jackets’ felt finish and foil improvements add sophistication, and the solid 88 pound paper weight card stock backing prevents unintentional bending and folding. When distributing awards, this 5-pack of Southworth certificate holders helps you keep a clear look.
Excellence Deserves Extraordinary Praise
With a show of appreciation, you will recognize excellence and create strong bonds. Outstanding interactions and recognition are at the heart of successful management. Service awards are becoming more common, according to industry trends. Creating a recognition culture is beneficial to business and can boost morale in any workplace. CertificatesThose that are presented to last a lifetime go far beyond words of praise. Choose from a variety of certificates that express awe, distinction, or a simple “job well done.” Our certificate collection includes classic parchment certificates with foil-enhanced spiro designs and elegant foil-enhanced borders, as well as outstanding premium weight certificates with elegant foil-enhanced borders. Southworth certificates are perfect for framing and can be personalized for any occasion. They’re now compatible with laser, inkjet, and copiers. Foil Embossed Seals give any certificate or award an extra level of distinction. Certificates with foil embossed seals add a special touch, and their self-adhesive backs make application a breeze.

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While model clauses/conditions are purely illustrative and developed and distributed for the guidance of members who may agree to different conditions, the model wordings in this case have been prepared specifically to assist coverholders in the preparation of contract documentation that contains the information mandated by Lloyd’s requirements, complies with the terms of the binding authority (s), and is compliant with the terms of the binding authority (s).
The LMA project group intends to continue working on updating all of the territory-specific versions, based on the generic certificate, in accordance with an agreed-upon priority list.

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Navy Blue Southworth® Certificate Jackets, 9-1/2″ x 12″, 5/Pack

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Southworth parchment paper certificates are complemented by certificate jackets. The importance of the award-winners is conveyed by exceptional heavyweight cover stock in a classic navy blue with a gold foil border. Use with certificate paper that has been preprinted or has been foil-enhanced. Each jacket is made of felt-finished 80 lb. stock. Quotes for larger quantities are available. Please contact us at 1-888-978-7759. Most consumers will receive this product in 2-3 business days.

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