Certificate frames

Certificate frames

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Make your own personalized certificate and photo frames! Begin by choosing a museum-quality single or double certificate frame, or a specialty frame to display your document or picture, and then personalize it to make it the perfect frame for your home or office. Professional-quality framing will protect your certificate from accidental handling damage and provide a long-term environment that will keep its appearance.
If you’re looking for a diploma frame with your school’s seal and name, you’ve come to the right place. Official diploma frames are handcrafted for colleges and universities throughout the United States. Look up your school and start shopping for a diploma frame for your college diploma today!

Easy steps to frame and hang your diploma

Your first thought should be how to frame your diploma as soon as you receive it. “However, why are diploma frames so expensive?” you might wonder. While low-cost diploma frames may appear attractive for a short time, they will not protect your diploma or provide it with the elegance and sophistication it deserves. Professional framing not only protects your diploma for a long time, but it also adds flair and style to it. These professional diploma frames are pricey because they provide both protection and style. Diploma framing costs, on the other hand, vary depending on the framing options and materials you choose for your frame. Before purchasing a diploma frame, think about how much your diploma is worth.
Your diploma is more than just parchment paper. It’s the culmination of years of research and hundreds of dollars spent on yourself. Your diploma becomes a very precious document when you add up the number of hours you spent studying and the amount of money you spent on your education.

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Certificates and diplomas in the standard sizes of 8-1/2″ x 11″ and 11″ x 14″ are held in these document frames. The photo holders come in a variety of materials and styles, including wood, plastic, and metal. Many of these diploma frames can accommodate both vertical and horizontal prints, making them extremely flexible! We even have styles made of clear, curved acrylic! These diploma frames will not only draw attention to your displayed prints, but they will also protect your documents and degrees from dust and other harmful elements. Our ready-made framing makes showcasing educational accomplishments a breeze right out of the box.

How to assemble and prepare your cardinali archival

Your diploma is likely to be one of the most important documents you’ll ever want to display. Your accomplishments are worthy of recognition, and a high-quality frame will assist you in doing so. You might be wondering how much it would cost to frame a diploma. While diploma framing is more expensive, you worked hard for your diploma, and the frame you choose should reflect that. In many cases, the amount of money you spend on finding the perfect frame is determined by your budget.
Simple frames can be found for a reasonable price. A standard frame without a mat will cost anywhere between $30 and $75. The cost is usually determined by the size and type of materials used. Simple frames typically have a thin, unobtrusive border, which is usually one color and very simple.
Frames that are ornately ornate and distinguished can be more expensive, but they are worth the investment if they are made of high-quality materials. This is particularly true if you use a double or triple mat with a large diploma frame. A small metal placard with the name of your college or the year you graduated is often included in these frames.

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