Bosiet certificate

Bosiet certificate

Survival training centre – bosiet course overview

To provide delegates with a fundamental understanding and awareness of offshore installation safety and emergency response. Delegates must demonstrate their skills, as well as a level of knowledge and understanding of key areas, as outlined by the OPITO Standard for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET).
The course is part of a Common Offshore Safety Induction process and is intended for staff planning to work on an offshore installation. All staff working in the offshore industry must complete the BOSIET.
Helicopter Safety and Evacuation: It’s time to get ready to board. Boarding is safe. In terms of airport safety. Disembarkation in a safe manner. Actions taken during a flight emergency. Equipment such as a Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System is used. Training in the use of a dry compressed air emergency breathing system. Emergency Breathing Systems are used. Use of Emergency Breathing Systems in a Dry Environment Emergency ditching and escape drills in the field.
Abandonment theory and practical sea survival training are covered in this course. Mustering and boarding a survival craft, as well as passenger activities during launching operations. Winching procedures and the use of helicopter rescue strops CPR and emergency first aid are included.

Trailer: bosiet safety training

BOSIET stands for basic offshore safety induction and emergency training,[1] a course designed to help newcomers to the offshore oil and gas industry meet their initial offshore safety training, emergency response training, and evaluation requirements.
Helicopter survival, emergency first aid, sea survival, firefighting, self-rescue, and Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft TEMPSC (lifeboat) training are all included in the course. The helicopter survival training is often the most difficult aspect.
After completing the program, the delegate will be aware of the common hazards and risks experienced while working on offshore installations, as well as the common safety regimes and safety management systems in place to control and mitigate those risks.

Bosiet (basic offshore safety induction and emergency

The course has been approved by OPITO and is taught in accordance with their training guidelines. This course is intended to meet the UK sector of Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration & Production’s Basic Safety Induction & Emergency Training requirements. Please double-check your requirements before making a reservation.
On your first day, you must carry government-issued photographic identification (i.e. passport, driving licence, Discharge Book, Permanent Resident Card, U.S. military ID etc). For OPITO Courses, Vantage cards are no longer accepted as valid identification.
Delegates must participate in all aspects of the course, which is physically demanding and requires a lot of practical training. At the time of registration, delegates will be asked to make and sign a statement of good health and fitness.

Bosiet offshore survival training

In terms of offshore survival training courses, BOSIET is just the first step. A person can enroll in additional emergency training courses after completing the necessary safety training through BOSIET. This course has a four-year validity period. A refresher course is also available after the validity period has expired in order to proceed with the validation. The refresher course is one day in length. If an offshore oil drill worker fails to complete the refresher course, he or she will be required to retake the entire BOSIET test in order to continue working in the oil drill.
BOSIET emergency training is available in every country. The training includes both theory and practical application so that the learner can grasp all of the concepts quickly. The total training time is approximately 22.5 hours. A certificate is given to a person to certify that they have successfully completed the training.
Working in remote locations is extremely difficult. However, as dangerous as offshore drilling areas are, they are unquestionably necessary. This is why, with the assistance of BOSIET, a critical preventive measure is taken to reduce the chances of any human loss.

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