Birth certificate stamp

Birth certificate stamp

What is an apostille stamp?

Dubai: Have you recently given birth in the UAE? While the birth of a child can be exhausting for parents, it is also critical to ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is in place for the new family member. So, here’s everything you need to know about the rules, procedures, and expenses associated with obtaining a birth certificate, passport, or visa for a newborn child in the UAE.
Even before you give birth, make sure you have health insurance (health insurance is required for Dubai and Abu Dhabi visa holders), as it will help you save money on childbirth, prenatal care, and postnatal care.
Residents in the UAE have a limit of 30 days to register their child’s birth. If the parents are from different countries, the child would adopt the father’s nationality. The hospital will send a stamped and signed birth notification after the baby is born. As a next step, government hospitals would issue birth certificates.
Parents of babies born in private hospitals must apply for a birth certificate by submitting the birth notification to the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi or the Ministry of Health and Prevention in all other countries.

Saudi birth certificate for new born, step by step procedures

In most cases, MoFA attestation is a necessary process in the UAE to verify the authenticity of important certificates and documents needed for visa, employment, research, medical, or other purposes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC), also known as MoFA UAE, provides all UAE attestation services in the country, whether for documents issued outside or within the UAE.
People who already have a SmartPass account will log in using their existing credentials. If you don’t already have a SmartPass account, you may need to build one. Individuals with a SmartPass account can use all of the UAE’s smart services, which are available to both locals and foreigners.
You must visit the closest Customer Happiness Centre (nationals and residents) or the UAE Embassy/Mission (expats and foreigners) in your home country as the final step of MoFA attestation in the UAE. Take the document(s) to be attested with you.
The same process is followed if you need a marriage certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, a birth certificate attestation in Dubai, or educational documents authentication from MoFA Sharjah.

Apostille – apostille services – apostille documents services

A birth certificate is an important document that must be presented when applying for a visa. It is a form of identification that informs a government official of your nationality. As a result, you must read this document.
SEPL Document Clearing LLP is a reputable service provider of Birth Certificate Attestation in the United Arab Emirates. When choosing a service provider, you should look for someone who has a lot of experience and is dependable. SEPL has the highest customer satisfaction rate and offers pick-up and drop-off services at all of their locations. All of these criteria are met by SEPL Attestation Apostille and Translation Services, which is one of the best in our country.

Birth certificate apostille stamp services

A resident visa or school admission in the UAE requires the attestation of a birth certificate. You can easily apply for birth certificate verification if you live in Dubai. The procedure for obtaining a birth certificate attestation in Dubai entails submitting relevant documents, which are then verified by the Ministry. You will make the payment and receive the attested document once this is done successfully.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC/MOFA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) serves as a bridge between the UAE and the rest of the world. Residents of the UAE as well as people of various nationalities living in the country should use the government entity’s attestation services. MOFA provides attestation services for a variety of documents, including educational documents and birth certificates. MOFAIC or MOFA will verify your birth certificate in one of three ways:
Employers and visa providers in Dubai often request an attested birth certificate, so it’s best to complete the process as soon as possible. Job seekers should also have their educational documents checked in Dubai before submitting them to potential employers within or outside of the city.

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