Biblical studies certificate

Biblical studies certificate

Bible & theology major overview

This program is a flexible way to earn college credits and is ideal for students looking to expand their personal knowledge of scripture, missionaries seeking additional Bible training before heading to the field, or anyone in between. Lancaster Bible College also offers a focused Bible certificate that can be completed entirely online or on-campus.
Sam Harbin has been a disciple of Jesus Christ since he was a child, and he brings to the classroom more than 30 years of pastoral and Christian higher education ministry experience. He has worked as an assistant pastor, senior pastor, seminary chaplain and professor, and seminary president, among other positions. His ministry has taken him across the United States and to seven different countries around the world.
Sam graduated from Indiana Baptist College with a B.A. in 1982, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity in 1985, and Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity in 1989. (Doctor of Ministry, 2001). His PhD research focused on how to effectively interpret and communicate Old Testament stories.

Certificate in biblical studies at belhaven university

You’ll get the quality of a seminary-level education with the convenience of online learning with a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies. This certificate program will increase your passion for Scripture and your mastery of biblical theology. It is designed for both full-time ministry and Christians serving in other fields.
You’ll be supported by loving seminary faculty as you take classes like Christ in the Old Testament, Paul’s Life, and Romans. Rather than assigning reading assignments, they will guide your learning through lecture-based research.
Advanced classes that focus on the background and content of each book of the Bible will help you develop a better understanding of God’s Word. Apply it to your life and ministry in personal and practical ways. See how Old and New Testament passages all point to Christ and His second coming.
You’re choosing a Bible-centered approach when you enroll at Pensacola Theological Seminary. Your soul will be flooded with God’s Word. Your learning will include both meditating on God’s Word and ministering with God’s Word as you prepare for servant leadership.

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Get a basic understanding of the biblical story, as well as the field of biblical studies, and then choose electives that interest you. All of this should be done in a good discipleship environment that encourages you to develop as a Jesus follower.
This versatile certificate allows you to delve into the Bible and pursue your interests by allowing you to choose from six elective courses. Expand your knowledge of Scripture and of yourself in a year.
Biblical Studies teaches students how to interpret Scripture in a practical way. These skills, along with biblical research, ministry, and/or personal study, are necessary in a variety of situations.
The Certificate in Biblical Studies is for students who want to learn more about the Bible’s content and message. The field of biblical studies, which encompasses the ancillary disciplines of history, culture, archaeology, hermeneutics, and literary studies, will be presented to students. Students will also have the opportunity to take Art and Science classes that will expand their understanding of mankind and the world around them. Students will have enough freedom to pursue and explore their passions and interests thanks to the program’s versatility. This one-year program is designed to help students grow in their biblical knowledge while also helping them gain a better understanding of themselves, allowing them to pursue further research or new directions.


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Our professors are well-known theologians who contribute to the church’s future by teaching, writing, and conducting research. Many of them are also pastors, speakers, and lay leaders in different contexts, so they are aware of the church’s problems and want to involve students in solving them.

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