Assumed name certificate travis county

Assumed name certificate travis county

How to file an assumed name (dba) in johnson county

Allow our A+ rated Texas business lawyer to properly file your assumed name certificate (also known as a DBA). You can now request DBA filing services for a flat fee via this website. Why should you choose us? Testimonials can be found here.
Every person or business entity that conducts business or offers services under an assumed name must file an assumed name certificate, also known as a “DBA” (short for Doing Business As) (often referred to as a DBA). DBAs have two main purposes: to inform the public about who is doing business under the assumed name and to claim ownership of the name (i.e. assertion of intellectual property rights).
What is a fictitious name (also known as a DBA)? An assumed name, also known as a DBA, is a name used by an individual or business entity to conduct business that is not the same as the individual’s or business entity’s real name. If Molly Smith ran a sole proprietorship called Molly’s Maids (or Smith’s Holdings, LLC did business as Molly’s Maids), her assumed name/DBA would be “Molly’s Maids.” When an assumed name is used, a document called an assumed name certificate must be filed. The DBA/assumed name certificate establishes the link between the assumed name and the person (sole proprietorship) or business entity (LLC or Inc) who uses it.

How to open a business account and get a dba

General partnerships and sole proprietors must file their Texas DBA with the County Clerk in the county where they do business. The county also requires estates and real estate investment firms to file.
In the event that your company is sued, a DBA will not protect your personal assets. Visit our How to Form an LLC page and pick your state for more information on forming an LLC (limited liability company).
In Texas, registering an assumed name does not prohibit others from doing so, but it does serve as a public record and notification that you are using it. As a result, picking a special name is a good idea.
It’s a good idea to search the Harris County assumed name database before beginning the DBA filing process. Depending on the number of business owners, Harris County has different forms. It is required that the form be notarized.
In Texas, registering an assumed name does not prohibit others from doing so, but it does serve as a public record and notification that you are using it. As a result, picking a special name is a good idea.

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The Travis County Sheriff’s Office has all outstanding warrants and arrest records. Viviana Farias is a… There is no affiliation between County Office and any government agency. On a regular basis, editors monitor and check these resources.

How to file an assumed name (dba) in travis county, texas

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