Alabama certificate of existence

Alabama certificate of existence

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A certificate of good standing is a document that verifies the existence and operation of your business. When registering to do business in a new state (foreign qualification), as well as in other official transactions, certificates of good standing are usually required. The secretary of state issues you a certificate of good standing. Certificates of good standing are also known as “existence certificates” or “status certificates.”
The Alaska Corporations Section of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development will provide you with an Alaska Certificate of Compliance. A certificate can be requested by mail, fax, in person, or online.
By mail, fax, in person, or online, you can request a Certificate of Status from the Florida Corporations Division. Because there is no form, written requests must include the entity’s name, Florida registration number, and the type of document sought.
The Iowa Secretary of State may issue you an Iowa Certificate of Existence, Authorization, or Negative Standing. A Certificate of Standing may be requested by mail, fax, phone, online, or in person. The name of the entity, the type of document requested, your contact information, and payment should all be included in your request.

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The state of Alabama will provide you with a Certificate of Good Existence. A special records order must be submitted to the SOS (Secretary of State) office. The document you receive will bear the Secretary of State’s approved signature as well as an imprint of Alabama’s state seal.
In some cases, you may need to show that you own a dissolved or suspended business. You’ll make the same request in this case. You can also make the same request if you need information on a company that isn’t your own.
Finally, any filings on file for a given entity can be requested. You may, for example, request a certified collection of a company’s articles of incorporation, out-of-state registration, amendments, conversion, and other documents.
Alabama has a company search engine that can be used to look up all of these records. Additional information about making records requests, including fee information and forms, can be found on the state website. If you need your Certificate of Existence quickly — for example, within 2-4 business hours — SunDoc Filings is happy to assist you.

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*For filings received before 1 p.m. Alabama time, same-day service is available (excludes weekends and holidays). Regular USPS delivery is included in the priority price, as well as a scanned and emailed copy of the Alabama Good Standing Certificate.
COMPANY NAME was established in COUNTY NAME County, Alabama on FORMATION DATE, according to the entity records on file in this office. COMPANY ID NUMBER is the Alabama Entity Identification number for this entity. I also attest that the records show that the entity has not been disbanded, cancelled, or terminated. “The most common reason we discover for an Alabama business not being in good standing is that a necessary Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report have not been filed with the Alabama Secretary of State.”
Each year, 2 1/2 months after the end of the Alabama Corporation’s fiscal year, the Alabama Corporation Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report is due at the Alabama Secretary of State.
If the fiscal year of an Alabama corporation ends on December 31, the Alabama Corporation Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report must be filed with the Alabama Secretary of State by March 15 of each year.
Every year, the Alabama Department of Revenue requires every Alabama LLC to file a Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report.

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I, SECRETARY OF STATE NAME, Secretary of State of Alabama, hereby certify that COMPANY NAME is an Alabama company registered to do business in Alabama as of FORMATION DATE. I also attest that all fees and documents requested by the Secretary of State’s office have been submitted and that this office is in good standing.
PLEASE NOTE: In Alabama, a Certificate of Good Standing is referred to as a Certificate of Existence. When the requesting party, usually the Secretary of State of another state other than Alabama, requests a “Good Standing Certificate,” this can be confusing. In these circumstances, an Alabama Certificate of Existence will suffice to meet the criteria for an Alabama Good Standing Certificate (excludes weekends and holidays). A scanned and emailed copy of the Alabama Good Standing Certificate is included in the priority price, as well as USPS First Class delivery.

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