Accelerated reader certificate

Accelerated reader certificate

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Accelerated reader is a program that helps students improve their reading abilities. Pupils pick a book within their level and complete a quiz after reading it, enabling them to track their progress across the year. Every month, a student from each class is selected to receive the Star Reader award for their achievements in AR. Pupils could be given this award if they have read a lot of books and scored well on quizzes, or if they have improved over the month. Congratulations to all of the students who got this certificate in January!
The Millionaire Credential is also available to students. This award is given for reading more than 1 million words in a calendar year. So far, we have six students who have earned this honor, three of whom have read over 2 million words! Congratulations to the students who earned this distinction.

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I understand that keeping track of certificates on the Accelerated Reader website is difficult! This is how I keep track in Zennor Class. I’ve dated each certificate, which helps me figure out how many points I’ll need for the next one.
Growing Reader certificates, for example, can only be received if the children read three different books, all of which are Book Level 1.6 or higher (green books). Every Rising Reader certificate requires the child to earn 10 points in their quizzes.
Your child would have taken a STAR test in school to determine their Book Level and colors. If you need assistance, please contact the Dojo instructors. This color chart corresponds to the sticker on each reading book’s spine. We encourage children to stick to their color band for their school reading book.

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Our Accelerated Reader awards ceremony for all of Year 7 and Year 8 took place today. This event recognized students who have worked diligently during the year to develop their reading skills and who have ventured into some fantastical worlds! All students who achieved their Accelerated Reader points goal received a bronze certificate, those who doubled their goal received a silver certificate, and those who quadrupled their goal received a gold certificate and a £5 voucher. We were also delighted to reveal that Iona Ross in Year 7 and Maryam Shah in Year 8 had been named our Star Readers, having reached the highest percentage of their points target in their year groups and receiving a £10 Amazon voucher. Finally, Emily McWhirter won a special award of a Nook e-reader for reading the most words of all the students in Key Stage 3 – 4748225 words! Congratulations to all, and here’s to even more success next year!

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Accelerated Reading is a reading scheduling and tracking software with the goal of promoting independent reading. The AR program determines a student’s reading age and recommends books that are appropriate for their needs and interests. Pupils gain points by taking computerized quizzes on the books they’ve read. Pupils can receive certificates based on their success through the program.
Students receive their AR certificates once a month in Assembly. Miss Sleator also gives a class certificate each week to a child who has worked especially hard on their reading. The AR medal is given to the student who is chosen and worn for a week. Is there someone you remember in the list below?

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